#17/100 – Did you think I forgot about you? And why House of Cards is on my mind.


By now my global readers are most surely disappointed as I lately have been posting exclusively in swedish – I do so apologize! Let me take a moment to explain…

As of recently over 400 swedish bloggers vowed to write at least one blog post every day for 100 days. This initiative seems to have come as a result of a steady drop in the number of active bloggers here, something some bloggers felt sort of disappointed about.

A personal initiative, a call for action from those willing to take on the challenge, spread online and within just a few days over 400 people had signed up online to join the blog challenge of #blogg100. We are now on day 17.

I plan to keep steady, as i am finding this challenging, useful and fun. As much as it is entertaining it is also a writing excersize that I am quite enjoying. I promise to take my english speaking readers into consideration more than I have so far.

Which brings me to the topic of a new Netflix series I tuned into this evening – House of Cards with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. It is an absolutely fascinating political show, from inside Washington, but with such an intriguing twist. And what a sense of detail – I appreciate the subtle beauty, simplicity – yet head-on collision drama. And Spaceys adressing the audience adds another layer of spice to the story.

Personally I enjoy this kind of serious, yet mad look behind the corrupt, political scenes of a nation like the US. Fascinating to follow the power play, the manipulation and how the politicians and journalists feed off eachother, need eachother in their inter-dependant games.

Thank you Netflix for the entertainment!

Visit the below link and use google translate if you want to know more about #blogg100. Right now, it is friday evening and I got some reading to catchup on.

Det här är inlägg 17 av 100 i bloggutmaningen #blogg100, här kan du läsa vilka andra som deltar


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4 Responses to #17/100 – Did you think I forgot about you? And why House of Cards is on my mind.

  1. Have seen the first episode of House of Cards now 🙂
    I just love narrators in Movies and Tv-Series and this show seem to have everything 🙂
    Do like Boss and Revenge too?

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