#20/100 – Virtue of the day – Serenity

Leaf on woodSometimes, to focus inwards and reflect for a while on something untangible, a virtue (something everybody can develop and hone), I pull a virtue card and take it with me throughout the day.

Not the card itself, but the understanding of that virtue, and I try to reflect on how I can make that virtue part of my day and personality.

Today I pulled Serenity.

“Serenity is tranquility of spirit. It is an abiding sense of trust and faith that all is well. In the midst of trials, we are accepting and resilient. We go with the flow. We practice stillness, reflection and mindfullness. Serenity gives us lucidity of thought and allows us to detach from strong emotions that can cloud our judgment. We do not allow worry or fear to throw us off balance. We cultivate peaceful presence. We are able to be the calm in the wind.”

Read more about Virtue cards here


Det här är inlägg 20 av 100 i bloggutmaningen #blogg100, här kan du läsa vilka andra som deltar

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