#41/100 – Generosity showers homeless

ringSaturday I heard this amazing story from a friend who wanted to share an inspiring story about generosity.

Recently, in february, an american lady – having put her engagement ring in her coin purse to protect it while doing some activity, accidently gave it away to a homeless man on the street. She had totally forgotten it was in her purse when she passed Billy Ray Harris on the street and gave generously of all her coins (and diamond ring). She literally dumped all the contents of her coin purse into his cup.

You can imagine her shock when she later realized her ring was gone and even more when she realized she must have given it away. I know I would have felt the blood chill in my bones if I had made that mistake.

But Billy Ray had kept her ring safe, understanding from the size of the diamond that this might be a valuable ring. So when she came back and asked him if she had given him something precious by accident he smiled and pulled out the ring for her. Returning it to the rightful owner seemed the right thing to do to Billy Ray.

This incredible story inspired the couple to set up a page on www.giveforward.com, telling their story and hoping to get donations of $1000 for Harris. Within just a few days people across the globe have so far donated a total sum of $174 694!!! And there is still 73 days to go before donation time ends!

This is a true story of how one lady’s generosity leads to a story of thousands of peoples generosity, wanting to give something back to an honest individual. Honesty and good character are truly virtues we all should strive to develop and maintain throughout our life.

Thank you Nadi for sharing this story, it inspired me and I hope it inspires you!

Watch a television interview with KCTV5 here
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