#43/100 – Grandma + Facetime = family connection

IMG_0031This is me and my grandmother, Patricia.

She is 88 years old, turning 89 in june. There is an ocean and an entire continent between us as I live in Stockholm, Sweden and she lives in Medford, Oregon.

But thanks to FaceTime and an iPad we see eachother regularly. She calls me up and even if I am not on the iPad, Facetime makes the iPad as well as my iPhone ring. Whereas before, she could never afford to call me more than once a year – which left me to call her on her landline via Skype, now she calls me all the time. And I love it!

I see her and can make sure she is all right, and blow her kisses.

Dont you just love technology? And your grandmother?
I know I do!


Det här är inlägg 43 av 100 i bloggutmaningen #blogg100, här kan du läsa vilka andra som deltar

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2 Responses to #43/100 – Grandma + Facetime = family connection

  1. amarticus says:

    This is the cutest thing ever.

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